Playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Without Camping Tools

When you become a better player, you won’t need to place shock charge, claymore or bouncing betties in front of the room entrance. You must be alert in order to protect yourself from the enemies.
The perk 3 engineer is a tool that you can use to locate your equipment by seeing through the walls. If you get rid of your equipment, you can have another perk 3 engineer with strict requirements. The Engineer is a tier 3 perk that you can use to kill the campers.
Engineer lets you go past bouncing betties and claymore at a fast speed without getting injured. The shock charge will affect you almost every time because it has a faster reaction time than your weapons. You can run in the opposite direction of the shock charge to avoid getting injured. This strategy is great if you know there is an enemy in the building and can see what type of weapon they are armed with. You will have sufficient time to kill an enemy if you run right through a shock charge. The downside of running right through a shock charge is that you will get paralyzed. It also makes it easier for the enemy to kill you.
You will possibly get killed if someone is traveling all over the map and saw that you have open a shop as they are always looking to kill someone. Expert players know how to tackle this by hunting down their enemies first.

If you prefer not to take the initiative to kill the enemies first, you should scout an area to see if there is any enemy lurking there instead of just hiding in different corners. There are a lot of places to cover in the map so it can take a long time to go through all the places yourself. Therefore, it is recommended that you only cover ¼ of the map. You should choose the area that give you opportunity to kill the most enemies. You can patrol routes that will most likely be traveled by the enemies. You should run around the route repetitively to look out for new enemies to kill.
I would advised gamers to avoid camping as you have to run past the equipments of the enemies to kill them. It does not necessarily need to be done in this way. I will be happy if there is only one gamer that is willing to make this change. You should never take the game too seriously but just have fun playing it. Most people get annoyed by players who use black ops 2 hacks most players don’t use cheat in this game, but if you want different check web bellow.